Two-Minute Interview: Chris Blow

by Editor on January 29, 2015

Our latest two-minute interview features Chris Blow, Senior Advisor at Rook Security. Chris is a Qualified Security Assessor with over 15 years of experience focused on information security, social engineering, and the payment card industry. At Rook, Chris executes projects addressing everything from regulatory compliance to penetration testing, digital forensics, and red team testing. Prior to Rook, Chris was a Director at Pondurance, a Senior Security Engineer at Teradata, a Director of Global Security at Ingram Micro Mobility, and an Information Security Architect at United Healthcare. He has also held contractual positions with various U.S. government agencies and is a proud alumnus of Purdue University’s College of Technology. Read on …

The Other Side of Red Teaming

by Mark Mateski on January 27, 2015

Like many of you, I sometimes view the bold red teamer as the heroic gunfighter from a 1950s Western movie, defying the officious old guard and righting entrenched wrongs. It’s a romanticized view of challenge analysis that can occasionally inspire a sluggish red team. Nine times out of ten, however, it’s the wrong approach. Instead, the red team should work cooperatively with the enterprise. Standing apart with an attitude of superiority might jump start a red team’s morale, but it almost guarantees long-term irrelevancy. Read on …

“Mind the Gap” Cards Update

January 26, 2015

As part of 2015’s updated “Becoming Odysseus” course, we’re including hands-on training with the beta version of the “Mind the Gap” red teaming cards. Using these cards, a red team event designer can better evaluate and address specific differences between the real world and the event model. Without the cards, it’s easy for red team […]

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Conference Report: ‘Connecting the Dots in Unmanned Aerial Systems and Cyber Security’

January 22, 2015

In an effort to better understand technology evolution, use, and synergies amongst and between various technologies, red teamers are required to explore emergent trends. One of these trends is the increasing proliferation of unmanned aerial systems (UAVs) in military, law enforcement, and commercial settings and the potentials that they offer both to the BLUFOR (allied […]

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Join ‘The Polymetis Group’

January 21, 2015

We plan to launch a monthly webinar discussion on red teaming methods (dubbed “The Polymetis Group” for now). We’d like to start with a relatively small group, limited to government, military, and law enforcement professionals in the “Five Eye” countries (US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand) as well as the RTJ advisors and editors. […]

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Red Teams: How Understanding Small-Scale Terrorism Can Improve Cybersecurity Agility

January 20, 2015

When reviewing military operations across the globe, we naturally gravitate toward the detailed precision of the intelligence utilized and the exactness of the execution it was prosecuted with. In the last weeks, we’ve seen how a group of small scale terrorists can fly under the radar of intelligence organizations and be successful in their missions. […]

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Red Teaming Process Model

January 13, 2015

We have long resisted the urge to post a red teaming process model; such models tend to imply erroneously that there’s only one way to do red teaming. Having taught red teaming to various groups over time, however, we’ve come to realize that a high-level model allows us to associate the tools and methods we […]

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New from Robert Bunker

January 12, 2015

Red Team Journal advisor Robert Bunker has published a new article titled “Terrorism as Disruptive Targeting” on the TRENDS Research & Advisory site. Be sure to check it out. Robert’s insights are timely and need not apply only to traditional terrorism.

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New RTJ Digest

January 8, 2015

Be sure to get your copy of our very first monthly digest. We plan to compile each future month’s posts into a digest just like this. In addition, we intend to launch a webinar series to discuss each digest. The combined digest/webinar offering is most likely to become a part of our RTJ Insider service. […]

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Characterizing the Adversary or Competitor: Positive and Negative Space

January 5, 2015

We’ve spun a new infographic off of our “Mind the Gap” red teaming approach. The purpose of the graphic is to help red teamers and competitive intelligence professionals better characterize the adversary or competitor of interest by asking the right questions. The questions in the set address issues of both positive/negative space and perceptions (closely […]

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