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Jeff Cares Joins the RTJ Advisory Board

Red Team Journal is pleased to announce that Jeff Cares has joined the RTJ advisory board. Jeff is a thought leader in information-age military innovation and the primary author of several transformational concepts, including distributed networked operations, sense-and-respond logistics, and the information-age combat model. Harvard Business Review selected Jeff’s research to the Top 20 list of “Breakthrough Ideas for 2006,” and he has been featured in such information age bellwethers as Wired and Fast Company. Additionally, he is the author of Distributed Networked Operations: The Fundamentals of Network Centric Warfare and has published pioneering work in the application of complex systems research to military problems. His new book, Operations Research for Networked Military Systems, will be available soon. Jeff is a combat veteran of the first Gulf War. His military career has included multiple command tours and more than a decade of service on four-star staffs.