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New RTJ Contributing Editors

Red Team Journal is pleased to announce the addition of three contributing editors to the RTJ team:

  • Mr. Adam Elkus,
  • Mr. Michael McGannon, and
  • Mr. Benjamin Miller.

Adam and Michael may be familiar to RTJ readers; both have written for us in the past. Each new contributing editor is an expert in his professional field, and we look forward to the additional insight they will bring to the red teaming community.

Mr. Adam Elkus, Contributing Editor for Future Military Operations and Homeland Security. Adam is an analyst specializing in foreign policy and security. His articles have been published in Small Wars Journal, Athena Intelligence Journal, GroupIntel, and other publications. He has contributed chapters to The John Boyd Roundtable: Debating Science, Strategy, and War (Ann Arbor: Nimble LLC, 2008) and the compilation Threats in the Age of Obama, now on sale from Nimble LLC. Elkus blogs at Rethinking Security, Dreaming 5GW, and The Huffington Post. He is currently a contributor to the Center for Threat Awareness’ ThreatsWatch project.”

Mr. Michael McGannon, Contributing Editor for Red Teaming Methods and Modeling. Mike is an intelligence analyst for Radiance Technologies Inc. and supports the Threat Analysis and Behavioral Modeling Office Open Source and Threat Analysis Division. He supported the AFRL Red Team from 2002 to 2008 and published the Red Team Cookbook Series, a compendium of adversary tactics, techniques, and procedures. He has held a variety of intelligence positions over the last 12 years in the Air Force while on active duty and in the Reserves and the Ohio Air National Guard. He is currently pursuing a Masters in Strategic Intelligence at American Military University. He earned an MBA and BBA in Information Systems from DeVry University.

Mr. Benjamin Miller, Contributing Editor for Cybersecurity. Currently in the energy sector, Ben started his career in a Fortune 500 environment during the Y2K switchover, then continued as a consultant for business and associations in Washington, DC. His current responsibilities focus on the engagement and management of incident detection, incident response, and preemptive mitigation for corporate and critical infrastructure cyber assets. Ben enjoys studying disparate subjects and applying their lessons to the securing and sharing of information. Ben currently holds a CISSP certification.