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Open Forum on Millennium Challenge

Charles Martel writes in to challenge what he views as the hegemonic interpretation of the Millennium Challenge 2002 wargame:

The key to Red Teaming is to ascertain and draw conclusions based on the facts and not just conventional wisdom. …[Van Riper’s] actions during the experiment pointed out flaws in the implementation of some of the concepts under study. Those failures were documented then the experiment continued. van Riper was upset that the experiment wasn’t halted in the middle since ‘he had won.’ The leadership at the time felt it was better to reset the conditions and see how the concepts could be applied after the bluefor had learned a hard lesson. As a result of the experiment, some of the experimental concepts were canned, others modified. Seemed like exactly what an experiment is supposed to do.”

      As perhaps the most controversial wargame of recent times, MC2002 undoubtedly provokes strong discussion. So I’ll open this up to RTJ readers: is the current interpretation of MC2002 wrongheaded? Has the process of mythmaking clouded accurate analysis? Does MC2002 have relevance to greater US defense policy and strategy, or is it a relic of the Rumsfeld age? Lastly, did MC2002 pose a fatal blow to some Transformation concepts or simply indicate correctable flaws? We would especially like to hear from those involved in the exercise.