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Who Would You Play Today?

For those of you who follow RTJ, you’ve probably noticed that things have been a bit slow around here lately. They’ll pick up again soon. We have two very interesting papers pending, for example.
      While we’re preparing those, I’d like to raise a question.
      First some backstory … When Red Team Journal started in 1997, the world was very different. (At least most observers’ perceptions of the world were very different.) The United States was smitten with a bad case of overconfidence. The concept of a revolution in military affairs (RMA) held sway at the Pentagon, and, if you accepted the prevailing mindset, no one would emerge to challenge U.S. dominance for at least a decade, probably longer. If we were to simplify the world into a board game of global dominance, most players in 1997 would have preferred to “play” the United States.
      So, here’s my question: assuming the same board game of global dominance, who would you choose to play today?