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The First (Canadian) Red Teaming University and Conference

The First Red Teaming University and Conference was held in Kingston, Canada, from 16 to 18 March 2011. It was presented by the Adversarial Intent Section, Defence Research and Development, Canada Toronto; Defence and Security Research Institute; Centre for Security, Armed Forces and Society; Queens Centre for International Relations; and the Royal Military College, Canada. Additional participating groups included University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas; Red Teaming representatives, United States Marine Corps; Joint Force Command, North Atlantic Treaty Organization; International Society of Military Sciences; Global Futures Forum; Vancouver Olympic Games Red Team (historical); and University of Greifswald, Germany.
      The conference was attended by approximately three dozen participants, predominantly from Canada, with delegates from the United States and some European countries also represented. Presenters included David Connell, DRDC; Col. Jeanne Arnold, UFMCS; Col. C.M. Benson, Ph.D., USA (Ret); Maj. Philip Cushman, USMC; Dr. David Last, RMC; Anthony Seaboyer, RMC; Dr. Genevieve Susemihl, University of Greifswald, Germany; Dr. J.D. Young, RMC; Maj-Gen. Ed Fitch, Canadian Forces (Ret); and Maj. Bruce Sand, Canadian Forces (Ret).
      University and Conference panels, workshops, and exercises took place on the Red Team Concept Explained, Alternative Methods (Intelligence, Military, and Law Enforcement), Creative Thinking, Specific Techniques, Canadian Experience & Experimentation, Red Teaming Exercise, the (Canadian) Red Team Project, National Perspectives on Red Teaming, Sudan: Exploring Alternative Analysis, ANSA: Exploring Alternative Perspectives, and Experimentation: New Tools for Red Teaming?
      Event lessons learned include:

  • The conference helped to teach key audiences about red teaming as it is currently practiced, report on research to support new forms of red teaming, and gauge interest in further development of red teaming in Canada.
  • Future red teaming activities may involve a major research project beginning in August, multinational collaboration through the Technology Cooperation Program (TTCP) with Australia, Britain, and the United States, and development of a new Canadian army capability.
  • Proceedings from the Conference and research papers funded under this initiative will be published by Defence Research and Development Canada after internal review.

      These events were conducted in support of the facilitation of the creation of a Canadian approach to red teaming decision support and to provide leading-edge knowledge and tools to the Canadian security community. This initiative, the Red Teaming, Red Cells, and Decision Support Project, is a major program being implemented by the Canadian military forces in cooperation with other Canadian governmental agencies. For further information, contact Dr. David Last, Royal Military College, Canada at last-d at rmc dot ca.