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The Stakeholder, Concern, Belief (SCB) Diagram

I’ve written a new Watermark white paper on something I call the “stakeholder, concern, belief (SCB) diagram.” Instead of posting it to the Web, however, I’m making it available to select RTJ readers who contact me directly through the site. In your contact form, tell me a bit about your interest in red teaming or stakeholder analysis in general.
      As background, the approach can serve as a consistent method of building a stakeholder/concern view. This can apply to a variety of applications, including red teaming, systems analysis, strategic planning, project planning, marketing, political analysis, and requirements engineering–all of which suffer when stakeholders and their concerns are overlooked. This is a fairly short, informal paper that shows you how to use the approach. In other words, expect something practical, not academic. It’s meant to be used. (By the way, BP submitted a form without an e-mail address. Please resubmit.)

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