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Nontraditional Red Teaming Activities

When we compiled the results of the First Annual Red Teaming Survey, we realized how little we actually know about the red teaming community as a whole. This is certainly understandable; so many organizations around the globe are conducting so many different kinds of red teaming that it would be nigh impossible to identify them all. Plus, few organizations want to talk much about a practice that can yield a competitive advantage. That said, we remain interested in learning more about the big picture.
      Rather than conduct a broad survey again (we’ll do that next year), we’d like to collect examples of “non-traditional” red teaming. We know, for instance, that security professionals conduct pentesting, and militaries use red teams for wargaming and planning. Beyond that, however, we have only intermittent anecdotes. If you perform red teaming in another field or perform a different or unusual kind of red teaming in one of the traditional fields, please tell us a little bit about it. We don’t want details, only the type of red teaming you do, the object of your red teaming activities, and the field you work in. We’ll compile the responses and share them with RTJ readers.

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