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Trust No One

We’ve had so much fun lately building motivational red teaming charts and infographics, we thought we’d do another one. We call this one “Trust No One.” It’s simple, but it underscores the idea that the superior red teamer challenges all assumptions. Switching topics (and paradigms), you know, of course, that you can trust the Watermark Institute to deliver solid red team training. If you head over to their site, you can browse their new lineup of red teaming courses.

Postscript: As one perceptive Twitter commentator has observed, red teaming is based on trust (as he/she said, “Trust people, not assumptions”). We wholeheartedly agree. Red teaming is not anarchy. We should qualify that the graphic addresses the red teaming “mindset” rather than the project framework. Specifically, the superior red teamer challenges prevailing assumptions and asks the tough questions no one else wants to consider. It is in this sense that the superior red teamer “trusts no one.” Certainly the red team trusts that it will get paid, and the customer generally trusts that the red team isn’t evil.