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RTJ-Related Blogging and Social Media

Let me answer a question that you probably haven’t thought to ask: “What’s been happening lately with Red Team Journal-related blogging and social media?” No, we’re still not on Facebook, but our Twitter feed continues to march along. I’ve personally neglected my LinkedIn profile but am working on getting it up to speed. In fact, I just added an infographic summarizing my career. (Yes, I’m on an infographic kick lately.) I’ve also started a red teaming group on LinkedIn, although I confess I’ve been neglecting it as well. I plan to change that. Please check out both if you’re interested (you’ll find the link to the group at the bottom of my LinkedIn profile). You might also want to check out some of the social media and blogging services of our friends and associates:

  • The prolific Adam Elkus continues to run his Rethinking Security blog, and he remains active on Twitter.
  • Matt Devost is also on Twitter and is one of my favorite sources for cybersecurity news and insights.
  • Watermark Risk Management International delivers a comprehensive risk and security news feed via Twitter.
  • Randy Borum is on Twitter as well, and I’ve encountered some very interesting material via his updates.
  • OODA Loop is another great source for keeping up to date on the world.
  • If you haven’t been to, be sure to visit and bookmark it. They may not agree, but I tend to view RTJ as a site emphasizing analytical red teaming and as a site emphasizing operational red teaming.
  • A relatively new discovery for me is The Red (Team) Analysis Society–it’s definitely worth some of your time.

So, there you have it: a quick update on the world of RTJ-related social media and blogging. Aren’t you glad you asked? And by all means, let us know if you think there’s something out there you think we should know about.