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‘Becoming Odysseus’ 2015 (Updated)

Course Flier 175The “Becoming Odysseus” red teaming suite of principles and tools is designed to enhance your ability to anticipate and characterize unexpected threats. It combines ancient and modern, East and West into a unique and powerful framework.
      Red Team Journal and The Watermark Institute offer two separate “Becoming Odysseus” events. Choose one or both.

  1. Training: Spend two-days immersed in a hands-on training experience designed to help you structure a superior red team and think like a first-class red teamer.
  2. Red Team Jam: Join us for a facilitated one- or two-day red teaming exercise addressing your issues using the “Becoming Odysseus” toolkit.

      Who should take the course? Pentesters, CISOs, wargamers, military officers and analysts, law enforcement professionals, critical infrastructure analysts, security professionals, business strategists … in short, anyone who wants to do take their red teaming to the next level and engage in more than point red teaming.
      Who should sponsor a “Red Team Jam“? Anyone who wants to jump start their security or strategy efforts. In the course, we teach you the practices of security red teaming; in the “Red Team Jam,” we do it with you. In fact, you might want to run the training on, say, Monday and Tuesday, and have us run a Jam with your newly trained team on Thursday.
      Do I have to attend in person? No, but you can. Both events are available as (1) face-to-face sessions (with the option of running an event exclusively for your team at your site) or (2) via WebEx (again, with the option of a session for your team only).
      What can I do at the end of the training? Participants investing fully in the course will be able to …

  • generate a red teaming project plan that (1) defines the roles and responsibilities of all relevant stakeholders, (2) incorporates a full systems perspective, and (3) contributes directly to a red teaming learning program;
  • employ the “Mind the Gap” card set to identify and manage assumptions during both project design and analysis;
  • employ the “Stratagem Tiles” method of generating stratagems and adversary courses of action systematically;
  • employ the “LexiCon” method of analyzing perception, misperception, deception, and self-deception;
  • generate and manage the most useful artifacts of a red teaming project to better communicate with the customer; and
  • track the progress of a red teaming program across multiple red teaming activities.

Participants who also take part in a “Red Team Jam” will, of course, practice all of these skills live on their own topics and issues.
      Who teaches the course, and how can I learn more? Both the training and the “Red Team Jams” are led by Dr. Mark Mateski, founder of Red Team Journal and a respected innovator in the red teaming community. Dr. Mateski was the opening keynote at the Army’s most recent red teaming conference and has taught red teaming skills to a range of government and commercial clients. Contact Dr. Mateski to schedule your event and discuss pricing and customization. Our next come-one/come-all WebEx training session is likely to be in April (date TBD); watch the site for further information.