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The Five Most Recent Red Teaming Law Cards

For those of you who might’ve missed our most recent Red Teaming Law cards, we’re reposting them here. Enjoy!

RTJ Red Teaming Law #43 (“Tick Tock”): Of all the stratagems in the red teamer’s toolkit, waiting patiently for the defender to err is sometimes the most artful.

RTL Card 43 450

RTJ Red Teaming Law #44 (“Puppeteer”): The superior red teamer is a master puppeteer whose goal is to animate not just the red team but the whole show. Dance, puppet, dance!

RTL Card 44 450

RTJ Red Teaming Law #45 (“Blunderland”): When what must be said can’t be said, multiply your risk by ten. If the denial is tainted by arrogance or fear, multiply your risk by ten again.

RTL Card 45 450

RTJ Red Teaming Law #46 (“The Impossible”): Think of the “impossible,” then do it. Wolfe storming the Heights of Québec, shallow-water torpedoes at Pearl Harbor, MacArthur at Inchon—nothing hurts like total surprise.

RTL Card 46 450

RTJ Red Teaming Law #47 (“Athena”): The apprentice red teamer asserts knowledge. The journeyman red teamer applies knowledge. The master red teamer asks questions. Why is that?

RTL Card 47 450