Catch the recent “Politics, Power, and Preventative Action” podcast interview with RTJ founder Mark Mateski.

Weekend Update

First, as many of you might’ve read, Google is changing its algorithm to “penalize” sites that are not mobile-friendly. What does that mean for RTJ? We’re updating our site to comply. (If you run a site, be sure to check its compliance with Google’s mobile-friendly test site.) As a result, RTJ might look a bit different for the next few days as we tweak the appearance to our satisfaction, but don’t worry: it’s the same old content with same old red teaming goodness.
      Second, we’ve heard from some of our military readers that they can’t reach the Watermark Institute page on the June offering of the two-day “Becoming Odysseus” course. Although we don’t run that site, we’d like to help troubleshoot this issue, so if it’s happened to you, please let us know. For now, here’s the same information:

Instructor: Dr. Mark Mateski, Founder and Editor, Red Team Journal

Dates: June 3 and 4, 2015

Location: Fairfax, VA (Fair Oaks area)

Cost: $995 per student; contact us to discuss group discounts

Size: The course is limited to a total of 25 students.

Course Summary: The two-day “Becoming Odysseus” courses is designed to educate students in the art of red teaming, broadly defined. The course is “domain agnostic”;
in other words, the topics and tools in apply to the practice of strategy, planning, intelligence, or security, whether in business, government, military, or law enforcement. At the end of the course, fully engaged students will be better able to both structure a red teaming engagement and think like a red teamer. Students receive electronic copies of both the “Mind the Gap” cards and the “Stratagem Tiles”™ tile set.

Day 1: “West”—Structuring the Red Team Event

  • Introduction to red teaming
  • Stakeholders and concerns
  • Using the “Box It” method to map scenarios and assumptions
  • Using the “Mind the Gap” cards to refine the design
  • Systems engineering and analysis for red teamers
  • Introduction to risk
  • Introduction to attack trees

Day 2: “East”—Thinking Like a Red Teamer

  • Introduction to game theory
  • The red teamer’s “go-to” moves
  • Time and art of red teaming
  • Perception, misperception, deception
  • Using the “LexiCon” method to understand and manage perceptions
  • Using the “Stratagem Tiles”™ method to generate new ideas

Contact us directly if you would like to register.