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Red Teaming Myth #4

It’s time for myth #4, and here it is: Red teaming is exclusively a security practice. Yes, red teaming flourishes in the security domain, but we sometimes forget that it’s a general-purpose tool. For example, an undergraduate economics major recently told us that when studying cases of business failure he saw assorted opportunities for red teaming. We couldn’t agree more.1 Red teaming is a practice that applies broadly to all decision making. Pick your domain, and you can apply red teaming to it. Whether you’re facing an adversary, a competitor, or just a decent dose of uncertainty, it almost always pays to employ a degree of devil’s advocacy, if not a more structured form of red teaming. In fact, we recommend adopting a red teamer’s point of view whenever you face a consequential decision.

  1. Carroll and Mui agree as well. Check out the last two chapters of their book Billion Dollar Lessons. []