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Event Updates

Book Club V 600

Round V of The Red Teamer’s Book Club has changed from the afternoon to the morning of March 18 to accommodate the author, Andreas Kluth, who will be graciously joining us from Germany. This is a great opportunity to dive into his book Hannibal and Me, which is about much more than just Hannibal’s military adventures. If you’re a philosophical red teamer, you won’t want to miss it. For starters, the book has caused me to think much more deeply about how we should think about our adversaries’ operational codes. I’ve also changed the dates for the next round of the Becoming Odysseus two-day course to April 5 and 19. You can register for any or all of these events at our WebEx Training Center site.

Edit: Updated 5 March to change the second day of the Becoming Odysseus course to 19 April.