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Dragon and Knight: Eastern and Western Strategy for Red Teamers (Updated)

dragon-and-knight-announcementWhile I’m now only teaching the two-day “Becoming Odysseus” red teaming course to organizations, I’ve decided to offer a one-time online course on the topic of Eastern and Western approaches to strategy—something that I believe all red teamers should understand. In the three-hour course, I’ll spend the first two hours discussing the differences between the traditional perspectives as well as some of the Western variations that attempt to merge East and West. Specific topics and thinkers I’ll address will include

  • Traditional Chinese and Greek modes of thought;
  • Clausewitz, Jomini, and the Western way of war;
  • Liddell Hart, Boyd, and variations on the Western way;
  • Sun Tzu and shi, hsing, ch’i, and cheng; and
  • The Russian concept of reflexive control.

We’ll then play out red team exercises from the Eastern and Western perspectives. Not only should it be a lot of fun, it should also yield some practical takeaways.

Update: Yes, this was to be a one-time course, but a few people couldn’t attend the first session due to the date and time. As a result, we’ve added a second session on 16 Dec. Also, if you’re interested, here are a couple of thoughts from the first session. Register here. (Also, please note that the WebEx registration page sometimes fails to show all the necessary information on phones; it does work on tablets and desktops.)