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Calling All Red Teamers: Help Us Build the 2017 Bookshelf (Updated)

A picture of booksIt’s time to update The Red Teamer’s Bookshelf. In the past, we’ve either built the list ourselves or consulted a small group of colleagues. This time we’d like to crowdsource the list in partnership with and OODA Loop. Use the contact page to send us the titles of the book or books that you believe red teamers should be reading. (You can reach back into history; these don’t need to be 2016/2017 titles.) When you do send us your title or titles, add a sentence on each telling us why you think it’s important. After a week or so, we’ll aggregate the submissions and post The Red Teamer’s Bookshelf (2017 Edition) at all three sites. To get your thinking started, here are the previous lists:

Matt Devost’s list of the best security, business, and technology books over at OODA Loop is worth checking out as well.