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‘Thank You’ Cleaning Crew

cleaning_bucketThe pleasant little 1968 comedy Hot Millions starring Peter Ustinov and Maggie Smith features an interesting moment relevant to red teamers. (If you haven’t seen the movie but intend to, stop reading here.) Ustinov plays a compulsive embezzler. After serving time in gaol (that’s “jail” for us Yanks), he assumes a programmer’s identity and secures a job at a large company. He thereupon attempts, unsuccessfully, to circumvent the security of the company’s computerized accounting system. Temporarily frustrated, he is delighted to learn that a simple “bang” on the side of the computer’s casing with a mop bucket opens it, circumventing the security he’d tried so hard to foil. The punchline? Ustinov learns the secret by chance; the cleaning crew uses the trick to open the computer in order to warm their tea inside the computer’s casing.
      The real world, of course, is rife with such irony, and superior red teamers have a nose for it. Perhaps not often (but often enough), the most splendid security system is vulnerable to an unexpected, comically simple exploit, all of which calls for the timely services of the superior red teamer’s nose. It reminds me of Red Teaming Law #17: “The superior red teamer learns how things work in the real world, not just how they work on a diagram or presentation slide. The most useful insights often come from the bottom of the org chart. The higher up the org you go, the broader the view but the more filtered the information.”

Postscript: There’s another Ustinov movie with a scene relevant to red teamers. I’ll post on that soon.