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Red Team Journal was launched in 1997. It was designed in part to encourage decision makers to consider alternative perspectives to national security issues. Later, the focus shifted to red teaming methods. Today, Red Team Journal embraces all forms of red teaming and alternative analysis and has expanded to include business strategy and non-military national security concerns.


The mission of Red Team Journal is to

  • provide insights into national security and business strategy issues of concern (broadly defined),
  • improve the practice of red teaming and alternative analysis, and
  • facilitate a red teaming community of interest relevant to both analysts and decisionmakers.

In practice, this should allow the community to improve its ability to

  • understand ourselves and our adversaries,
  • anticipate our adversaries,
  • and adapt our strategies to better position us for long-term success.

Please note that identifying and discussing possible methods of attack is not one of the site’s missions.

Founder and Editor

Mark Mateski. As both an analyst and a manager at a number of defense and security organizations, Mark has directed wargames, conferences, studies, and assessments covering a range of topics. For two decades he has been a thought leader in the red teaming community and has pioneered the application of systems engineering principles, techniques, and tools to the practice of red teaming. Mark has earned degrees in political science, national security studies, and systems engineering. He is currently an executive security and strategy consultant and teaches for the Department of Engineering Management and Systems Engineering at The George Washington University. LinkedIn.


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Emeritus Contributors and Advisors

Randy Borum, Matt Branigan, Neal Bridges, Mike Denny, Adam Elkus, Bill Hudson, Kelly McCoy.