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Red teaming and alternative analysis embrace a variety of methods, tools, processes, principles, and insights. The items below represent a collection of resources and writings and topic.

The Red Teamer’s Bookshelf

Red Teaming Links

An ever-growing list of red teaming-related books, sites, articles, and reports.

The RTJ Quotes Page

We’ve assembled here the enduring wisdom of savants, sages, scholars, and red teamers for the benefit of you, the current-day red teamer.

‘See It Like Jones Would’

A series of short essays that discuss select anecdotes and insights from the life of R. V. Jones, the mastermind of British scientific intelligence during World War II. Dr. Jones’ exploits remain some of the best examples of artful, competitive thinking available to modern analysts, decision makers, and red teamers.

The Two-Minute Interviews

The two-minute interviews feature leading practitioners in the fields of red teaming, security, risk, and strategy.

The Myths of Red Teaming

In this series we dispel some of the most common red teaming myths.

The Red Teamer’s Go-To Moves

This is our new series on conceptual “go-to” moves that red teamers and analysts can use to attack just about any problem.