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‘See It Like Jones Would’

In this section, we present a series of short essays that discuss select anecdotes and insights from the life of R. V. Jones, the mastermind of British scientific intelligence during World War II. Dr. Jones’ exploits remain some of the best examples of artful, competitive thinking available to modern analysts, decision makers, and red teamers. Yes, it’s been 70 years since he applied his uncommon mind to the so-called “battle of the beams,” but his insights remain topical and timely. We add to this series periodically.

13. The J-Switch Talisman

12. Trust and Time

11. The Value of ‘Hierarchical Attenuation’

10. Rocket FUD

09. The Power of Authentic Confidence

08. Too Little Too Soon

07. The Power of Tradition

06. Understanding the Adversary’s Metrics

05. The Mysterious Case of the ‘Engine Stopping Rays’

04. The Problem of Playing It Safe

03. ‘Fortunate Correlations’

02. ‘Acclimatization by Slow Change’

01. Leverage the Opponent’s Capability