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Red Teaming and Detecting Terrorist ISR


Red teaming can be a useful tool in understanding the vulnerability of specific targets and in developing a framework for detecting terrorist ISR against that target set. In order to conduct an effective counter-ISR red team assessment, it is essential to break down terrorist ISR into observable components.

Read More Borges


It is our opinion—and probably our opinion only—that a red teamer will learn more about red teaming by reading the short stories of Jorge Luis Borges than by reading any number of books on technical topics. “But how can it be,” the hardened technophile will ask, “that I have anything to learn from Borges, who lived and died in an era before online shopping, big data, and dank memes?”...

Gene Wolfe and the Unreliable Narrator


I went on a bit of a Gene Wolfe binge recently. If you like speculative fiction and haven’t read any of his books or short stories, give them a try. One of the things you’ll notice is that you can’t trust the narrator. This is true of his highly regarded longer works such as The Book of the New Sun and The Fifth Head of Cerberus and of (most of?) his short stories such as...

10 Things You Can Do Right Now to Start Red Teaming (Updated with Infographic)


Real-world security teams often lack the time to engage in deep red teaming. We get it, so here’s a set of quick, back-of-the-envelope red teaming drills you can run while running from one crisis to the next. Draw a simple systems diagram: primary functions, inputs, outputs, key interfaces. Does your security team consider and address all of them? If not, why not? List three harmful things you...


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