RTJ Occasional Paper: “Red Team Reign”


In the second Red Team Journal occasional paper, “Red Team Reign,” GEN Carter Ham, COL (Ret.) Greg Fontenot, LTC David Pendall, and Mr. Larry Closter advocate the use of red teaming in support of joint task force decision processes. The authors provide first-hand insight into how the practice of red teaming has evolved in recent years and offer a variety of useful observations, insights, and recommendations.

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  • The latest distribution of Occasional Papers seems to concern itself with Net Centric Operations, I realize a movement towards a more tactile view of operations planning and logistics especially in the form of levels of kill chains deploying multiple sensors receiving raw data and placement. When viewing this from a Red Teamer’s perspective I can see a development issue when regarding intelligence on a socio-political setting becoming burdensome that may be adaptable after operations but could pose problems in thus regards.


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