18 Years On and We’re All Red Teamers Now


RTJ1997I launched Red Team Journal in 1997 because I thought the practice of red teaming was underappreciated.1 It’s now 2015, and we’re watching the practice ascend. Micah Zenko’s book Red Team was officially released today, and I expect it to bring well-deserved attention to both red teaming and red teamers. I even saw a tweet a few weeks ago claiming that “red teaming” was a “top cybersecurity buzzword for 2015.” 2 Maybe, maybe not—but the fact remains that more people than ever before are interested in red teaming, and not just for cybersecurity but for all forms of security, business planning, risk analysis, competitive intelligence, and strategic planning.
      Red Team Journal played a key role in the ascent of red teaming. As Zenko notes in his book, “[RTJ founder] Mark Mateski has engaged in and thought deeply about red teaming for far longer than most people in the field. Of those few others who actively study or practice the concept, he is also the most respected reference point for articulating the current state of red teaming.”3 Of RTJ, he notes that it is the “best open-source repository for helpful hints and emerging practices in the field.”4 I’m admittedly proud of this but would be remiss if I didn’t note the participation of Adam Elkus, Mike Denny, Robert Bunker, Neal Bridges, Matt Devost, and other volunteers who have contributed to the site over the years.
      Where do we go from here? In part, that’s up to you, the growing community of Red Team Journal readers and front-line practitioners. My vision is to grow RTJ into something more, but I need active partners to do so (I continue to run the site on my own time). I’d love to increase our reach by an order of magnitude and help bring red teaming to new shores. I’d even consider teaming with established organizations to help bring the vision to life. After all, gone are the days when soldiers, sailors, and airmen served as the front line and broad oceans, deep channels, and strong borders could preserve a nation from attack; we’re all red teamers now. Contact us if you’d like to participate.

  1. My second son was born that year. He’s now in college and can outthink me on most problems! []
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