The 2017 Red Teamer’s Bookshelf


A picture of booksIt’s been a couple of months since we first announced that Red Team Journal,, and OODALoop would be compiling the latest “Red Teamer’s Bookshelf” jointly. For those of you who’ve been waiting, the list is finally here. It’s larger than previous years, so we’ve organized the titles by category (and yes, some of these titles would fit in more than one category). The titles address a range of red teaming activities and skills, with a noticeable increase in special operations books this year. Thank you to everyone who submitted titles. (You can also find the the list here.)

Business (5 titles)

Counterterrorism (4)

Deception (4)

Decision Analysis/Thinking/Creativity (7)

Intelligence (6)

Military/General (5)

Military/Special Operations (11)

Miscellaneous (8)

Psychology/Social Engineering (4)

Strategy (7)

Security/General (3)

Skills/Miscellaneous (2)

Skills/Tech (11)


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