Red Teaming: Behind the Bluster


Red teaming sounds cool, right? So why isn’t everyone doing it? A lot of reasons exist, one of which is the simple fact that people often don’t want to learn what they don’t know. This very human behavior is the basis of RTJ Red Teaming “Law” No. 1 (“The Jaunty Man”). Yes, valid reasons not to red team exist, but to get at those, you first need to separate them from the blustering and condescension behind which the Jaunty Man often hides.
      The mere hint of red teaming can provoke immediate resistance within an organization. But we’re red teamers, right? We like challenges, and we don’t put our heads in the sand when we encounter them. If we indeed practice what we preach, we’ll acknowledge all sources of resistance so we can consider, weigh, and address them. After all, resistance isn’t always a bad thing; sometimes it warns us about valid risks. Precisely how to do work with the resistance is the topic of a future post, so for now we will just say “Be sensitive.”


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