The Essence of a Superior Red Teamer


We’re sometimes asked “What makes a good red teamer?” While the range of attributes is actually quite broad, it’s possible to distill these attributes to a finite or representative set. The following infographic captures what we believe to be at least a few of the superior red teamer’s most salient attributes. Enjoy!

And for accessibility purposes, here’s the infographic text:


Have you met one?
How would you know?

Superior red teamers can be difficult to spot. They’re more likely to listen than boast, influence than compel, and ponder than presume. They’ll certainly tell you what they think, but they tend not to draw attention to themselves unnecessarily. Here are a few relevant attributes to help you identify the superior red teamer.

Systems thinker: The superior red teamer eschews linear, single-cause/single-effect perspectives, preferring a broader systems view.

Self-assured: Don’t confuse the superior red teamer’s lack of bluster with a lack of confidence.

Shrewd: You know the type: resourceful, streetwise, knowledgeable, and well-read at the same time.

Discerning: The superior red teamer has a good “gut”; listens to it; and, as appropriate, acts on it. 

Broadminded: Rarely does a superior red teamer dismiss an idea or perspective just because it’s not his or her own.

Persistent: Walking away from a problem at the first sign of resistance is not the way of the superior red teamer.


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