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— MIcah Zenko, Red Team (2015)
The 2017 Red Teamer’s Watch List

The 2017 Red Teamer’s Watch List

Several months ago we asked you what movies and shows you think red teamers should be watching. Well, we’ve finally compiled the list. As you’ll see it spans the decades and is, if anything, weighted a bit toward heist movies. Curiously enough, it also features two titles starring Martin Balsam and two starring James Garner.

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Movies (26)

36 Hours    (1964)

The Dirty Dozen    (1967)

Ender’s Game    (2013)

F for Fake    (1973)

Funeral in Berlin    (1966)

The Ghost Army    (2013)

The Hunt for Red October    (1990)

In Harm’s Way    (1965)

Jurassic Park    (1993)

Lawrence of Arabia    (1962)

The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp    (1943)

The Man Who Never Was    (1956)

The Matrix    (1999)

The Maltese Falcon    (1941)

Ocean’s Eleven    (2001)

Red Cliff    (2008)

Rififi    (1955)

Romanoff and Juliet    (1961) … one scene in particular—you’ll know it when you see it.

Sink the Bismarck    (1960)

Street Thief    (2006)

Sneakers    (1992)

The Sting    (1973)

Top Secret    (1984) A Twitter user suggested that its “lightheartedness … could lead to dynamic thinking.”

Tora, Tora, Tora    (1970)

Twelve Angry Men    (1957)

The Usual Suspects    (1995)

Television Shows (11)

Babylon 5    (1994–1998)

Burn Notice    (2007–2013)

Fauda    (2015–)

Mission Impossible    (1966–1973)

The Prisoner    (1967–1968)

The Rockford Files    (1974–1980)

The Sandbaggers    (1978–1980)

Smiley’s People    (1982)

Taboo    (2017–)

Turn    (2014–)

Yes, Minister    (1980–1984)  In somewhat the same spirit as this.

Gegenspielers Unite!

Gegenspielers Unite!

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Strategic Red Teaming: The Job Description