Gene Wolfe and the Unreliable Narrator


I went on a bit of a Gene Wolfe binge recently. If you like speculative fiction and haven’t read any of his books or short stories, give them a try. One of the things you’ll notice is that you can’t trust the narrator. This is true of his highly regarded longer works such as The Book of the New Sun and The Fifth Head of Cerberus and of (most of?) his short stories such as...

Red Teaming, A to Z


Ask 26 red teamers to generate 26 random thoughts on red teaming, and the permutations that would ensue are such that you’d walk away before reading just a small fraction of the total. Just thinking about it is exhausting, so why not read just one (this one)? A: The “red” in “red teaming” traditionally refers to the adversary of interest—the adversary the red team emulates. B: Systems...

10 Principles of Good Red Teaming (2003)


Editor’s note: This is a companion piece to the previous post and was first published on Red Team Journal in June 2003.
A fine line often separates a dynamic red team from a prescripted and predictable red team. Note that the following principles apply not only to red teaming, but to wargames, exercises, and studies in general.

10 Barriers to Good Red Teaming (2003)


Editor’s note: The following was first published on Red Team Journal in Jan. 2003. A good red team gets inside the mind of your adversaries and tries to see the world as they do. To run a good red team, you need people who can do this, and–just as important–your team must be free to challenge the way you think. In other words, if you don’t want your adversaries to suprise...


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