Training and Event Updates


Some of you have probably noticed the change in the RTJ Training and Events page: we’ve moved the courses over to Reciprocal Strategies and dropped the two-day “Becoming Odysseus” course. We’re now offering the one-day “Circle and Square” course and the two-hour “Dragon and Knight” courses. Both are available to teams of five or more. We might consider offering an open-registration “Dragon...

The 2017 Red Teamer’s Watchlist (Call for Titles)


The 2017 Red Teamer’s Bookshelf was so popular, we’re going to try something new this year: a red teamer’s “watchlist”—or a list of the movies, TV shows, and videos you believe other red teamers should see. Contact us to let us know what you think should be on the list. As with the bookshelf, we’ll compile the titles and share them with you and your...

Con and Hypercon: Cultivating the Eye of the Sly Jester


At Black Hat USA 2014, I shared a diagrammatic method of perceiving what I call con and hypercon.1 A con is just what it sounds like: a state in which one actor attempts to deceive another, most often to do something that benefits the first and hurts the second. Phishing is a con as is “the big store” in the movie The Sting as is—more generally—any case in which one actor willingly...

New Monograph from Dr. Bunker


We are pleased to point Red Team Journal readers to a new monograph from RTJ advisor Dr. Robert J. Bunker. The monograph, Old and New Insurgency Forms, is available as a PDF download from the Strategic Studies Institute. Per the executive summary, it “creates a proposed insurgency typology divided into legacy, contemporary, and emergent and potential insurgency forms, and provides strategic...

Red Teaming Myth #5


After a long break, here’s myth #5: Red team it, and they will listen. If only it were that simple! Unfortunately, there’s much more to red teaming than just thinking clever thoughts. In order for the practice of red teaming to fulfill its potential, the following chain of functions must be completed. The red team must (a) adequately understand the system or situation of interest, (b) understand...


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