Gene Wolfe and the Unreliable Narrator


I went on a bit of a Gene Wolfe binge recently. If you like speculative fiction and haven’t read any of his books or short stories, give them a try. One of the things you’ll notice is that you can’t trust the narrator. This is true of his highly regarded longer works such as The Book of the New Sun and The Fifth Head of Cerberus and of (most of?) his short stories such as...

Playing the Game


I bought a Go board a decade ago. Every year or so, I’d dig it out of the closet, dust it off, and invite the kids to learn how to play along with me. In fact, the phrase “Mandatory Go Meeting” gained the status of “Just another thing that dad says that never happens”—until last week: yes, we finally held our first Mandatory Go Meeting.

Growing Up a Red Teamer


The route I have taken as a red teamer has been a very interesting one. Last year, I attended a “Becoming Odysseus” course hosted by The Watermark Institute and Dr. Mark Mateski (founder of Red Team Journal). It’s highly recommended, and while our class of 12 varied, we all had a knack for alternative analyses. One of the most important discussion points I felt was the point by one of my...

18 Years On and We’re All Red Teamers Now


I launched Red Team Journal in 1997 because I thought the practice of red teaming was underappreciated.1 It’s now 2015, and we’re watching the practice ascend. Micah Zenko’s book Red Team was officially released today, and I expect it to bring well-deserved attention to both red teaming and red teamers. I even saw a tweet a few weeks ago claiming that “red teaming” was a “top cybersecurity...

Sometimes Chicken Little’s Right


As everyone now knows, Ebola is a confirmed risk in the United States. Whether you regard the current stream of Ebola news as “Chicken Little” hysterics or not, you’d be foolish to ignore it entirely. Remember, most risk practitioners define risk as the product of likelihood and consequence. In this case, the likelihood is going up, and the consequence is potentially catastrophic. In our book...


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