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Managing the Engagement Model (Link)


All adversarial assessments (red teaming, pentesting, threat modeling) knowingly or unknowingly employ an engagement model, defined here as a set of implicit and explicit parameters governing the nature, scope, and procedures of the assessment. Managing the engagement model is a key to success in nearly all forms of adversarial assessment. Ignoring and skipping aspects of the model can lead to...

Red Teaming Myth #7


The myth: Red teaming is rooted in normative standards of rational decision making. This one’s a bit tricky.       Decision science, operations research, systems analysis, risk analysis—each has its place, and each can, when applied judiciously, enhance decision quality. These traditionally “rational” forms of analysis underpin much of what we’ve termed...

Red Teaming and Detecting Terrorist ISR


Red teaming can be a useful tool in understanding the vulnerability of specific targets and in developing a framework for detecting terrorist ISR against that target set. In order to conduct an effective counter-ISR red team assessment, it is essential to break down terrorist ISR into observable components.


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