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Syria: Asking the Right Questions (Before and After)


The recent U.S. decision to hit a Syrian air field with cruise missiles has triggered a flurry of questions, both in the United States and abroad. It reminds me of RTJ Red Teaming Law #34 (“Question”): In many ways, the art of red teaming is actually the art of asking the right questions, from the right perspective, at the right time. Ask the wrong questions, and it almost doesn’t matter how well...

Why All News Is #FakeNews: A Red Teamer’s Perspective


As a red teamer, I was immediately skeptical of the pop-up sobriquet “fake news.” It’s one of those vague, accusatory phrases more like a playground insult than a real argument. How does one respond to the charge of fake news? With counter-evidence and counter-reasoning? Don’t bother; the thought-stopping power of the label has already done its work.       The...

Informal Survey of Red Teaming Jobs


While I’ve long said that red teaming is useful for more than just security, I believe security red teaming remains by far the dominant form. To test this hypothesis, I surveyed the first five pages of red teaming jobs on       What I learned informally confirmed my hypothesis. In the first chart, you’ll see that the only non-IT forms of red...

Conference Report: ‘Body Search 2015 London’


Promoting an understanding of individual criminal, organized trafficker, and terrorist group utilization of near-the-body and in-the-body techniques to smuggle illicit narcotics and weapons though security checkpoints and then highlighting responses to such activities was the focus of a recent international conference. At its heart, much of this gathering drew upon red teaming, alternative...


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