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Missing the (Power) Point


Commentators have outdone themselves the past few days criticizing the now-immortal Afghanistan slide. Unfortunately, they’ve largely missed the point.       What are we really looking at in the chart? (It’s available, among other places, at Small Wars Journal.) Yes, it’s a presentation slide, but the figure itself is a causal loop diagram. The...

Counter-Optical Laser Use Against Law Enforcement in Athens


The 21st century has ushered in many challenges and issues for law enforcement. One of these is the increased fielding of directed energy devices and weapons by both law enforcement and non-state groups. While Tasers, intense white lights, and laser dazzlers may be familiar tools to many police officers, similar devices can just as readily be employed against them. Lasers are of specific interest...

Red Teaming Criminal Insurgency


The specter of criminal insurgency is haunting the police stations and barracks of North America. Powerful criminal networks increasingly challenge the state’s monopoly on force, creating new threats to national security. Mexico is currently deteriorating under the weight of criminal violence,1 but it is by no means the only state in the Americas suffering from criminal insurgency. We are seeing...


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