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The 2017 Red Teamer’s Watch List


Several months ago we asked you what movies and shows you think red teamers should be watching. Well, we’ve finally compiled the list. As you’ll see it spans the decades and is, if anything, weighted a bit toward heist movies. Curiously enough, it also features two titles starring Martin Balsam and two starring James Garner.       By the way, it’s...

Playing the Game


I bought a Go board a decade ago. Every year or so, I’d dig it out of the closet, dust it off, and invite the kids to learn how to play along with me. In fact, the phrase “Mandatory Go Meeting” gained the status of “Just another thing that dad says that never happens”—until last week: yes, we finally held our first Mandatory Go Meeting.

The Importance of Getting out of the Office


I worry sometimes that I spend too much time focused on the project-of-the-moment. Yesterday, I broke away from my desk and had lunch with RTJ contributing editor Kelly McCoy. I always enjoy talking with Kelly because his years as a firefighter combined with his broad knowledge give him a unique perspective on the challenges we face as red teamers. Our discussion ranged across a variety of...

From Wartime Sabotage to Modern Bureaucracy


If you’ve ever worked at an overly bureaucratic organization, you’re sure to appreciate these rules for sabotaging organizational performance. Found in the declassified OSS Simple Sabotage Field Manual, the rules were recommended to potential wartime saboteurs inside occupied Europe.
      Here are some of our favorites:


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