We regularly host online events via our WebEx Training Center site. These events include the following:

The Red Teamer’s Book Club

The free book club events feature a book of interest to the red teaming community. Discussion is casual and usually wide-ranging. Attendees frequently include the book’s author. Books we have discussed to date include Red Team by Micah Zenko, Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath, Team of Teams by Stanley McChrystal, American Icon by Bryce Hoffman, and Hannibal and Me by Andreas Kluth. We will schedule the next book club event soon. Watch this page for details.

  • The next book club (Round VII) will be scheduled soon. Feel free to suggest titles you think would lead to worthwhile discussion.

Red Teaming 101 Webinar

This free webinar is a brief, one-hour introduction to red teaming presented by Mark Mateski, the founder of Red Team Journal. Mark introduces the practice of red teaming and discusses key elements of superior red teaming.

  • No Red Teaming 101 webinar is currently scheduled.

The Polymetis Group

The Polymetis Group is an online discussion community dedicated to improving the practice of red teaming. It is limited to pre-approved members. The original notice is available here.

Becoming Odysseus

dragon-and-knight-announcementIn the Becoming Odysseus two-day course, we share a unique toolkit of red teaming concepts, principles, and methods. It is taught both online and onsite but is currently available only through group registrations. Contact us if you would like more information.

  • We will also be teaching the one-time course “Dragon and Knight: Eastern and Western Strategy for Red Teamers” on 15 November. Register here.


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