The 2017 Red Teamer’s Bookshelf


It’s been a couple of months since we first announced that Red Team Journal, Redteams.net, and OODALoop would be compiling the latest “Red Teamer’s Bookshelf” jointly. For those of you who’ve been waiting, the list is finally here. It’s larger than previous years, so we’ve organized the titles by category (and yes, some of these titles would fit in more...

‘Everything Old Is New Again’


We’ve dipped into the RTJ archive to unearth a little gem from August 1998 titled “The Policy Game.” Sixteen years later it appears more than a little prescient but also disconcertingly timely. Remember that in 1998 we were all riding the dot-com wave, and 9/11 was still three years in the future. Here are a few excerpts:

Red Teaming Criminal Insurgency


The specter of criminal insurgency is haunting the police stations and barracks of North America. Powerful criminal networks increasingly challenge the state’s monopoly on force, creating new threats to national security. Mexico is currently deteriorating under the weight of criminal violence,1 but it is by no means the only state in the Americas suffering from criminal insurgency. We are seeing...


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