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Review of Red Team: How to Succeed by Thinking Like the Enemy


The work reviewed is Red Team1 by Dr. Micah Zenko, a Senior Fellow with the Council on Foreign Relations. Zenko has an impressive pedigree via years spent in Washington D.C with Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government and the Brookings Institution and his expertise related to American drone use, counterterrorism, and related national security foci. This important book represents a five...

Heartbleeding Red: What’s a Red Teamer to Do?


The recently exposed Heartbleed bug in OpenSSL raises an interesting question for you, the crackerjack red teamer: how far should you take your red teaming? (Since most of you don’t red team for free, the natural companion question is “How far should your customer take their red teaming?”) To wit, do you limit your red teaming to the specific enterprise or system of interest, or do you open the...

Why I Don’t Want a Red Team Messing with My Plan


Let’s pretend that I’m a stubborn, arrogant decision maker. My stakeholders are pressuring me to red team my current plan. The last thing I want is a red team nosing around in my business, so I decide to list the reasons why I think it’s a bad idea. (Of course, this list is just for me; I would never share it with the stakeholders.) Here’s what I’ve come up with so...


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