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We currently offer two training courses: Becoming Odysseus and Dragon and Knight. Contact us for information regarding course availability and pricing. Both courses are available for bespoke delivery to minimum groups of five.

Becoming Odysseus:

Taught through Watermark Risk Management, LLC, the one-, two-, or three-day day Becoming Odysseus course is designed to educate students in the art of red teaming. It is “domain agnostic”; in other words, the topics and tools in the course apply to the practice of strategy, planning, intelligence, or security, whether in business, government, military, or law enforcement.
      The course is based on seven modules, each of which is enhanced by practical exercises. Roughly half of the modules address the process of building and framing a red team and half address the superior red teamer’s individual skills. Underpinning the entire course are principles of systems analysis, systems engineering, game theory, and knowledge management. Modules include:

  1. Who cares? Goals, options, concerns.
  2. What’s in? What’s out? Roles, systems, interfaces, boundaries.
  3. Mind the gap. Scenarios, adversary models, “Mind the Gap” card set.
  4. Dominate. Strategic thinking, dominant strategies, time horizons.
  5. Go, fight, win (the hypergame): perception, deception, stratagem.
  6. Sharing is caring. Communication, findings, risk.
  7. Stretch. Mental models, culture, resistance.

The course is offered both in person and online.

Dragon and Knight:

This is a two-hour course taught periodically online. During the course, we begin by discussing the differences between the traditional Eastern and Western perspectives on strategy as well as some of the Western variations that attempt to merge East and West. Specific topics and thinkers we address include

  • Traditional Chinese and Greek modes of thought;
  • Clausewitz, Jomini, and the Western way of war;
  • Liddell Hart, Boyd, and variations on the Western way;
  • Sun Tzu and shi, hsing, ch’i, and cheng; and
  • The Russian concept of reflexive control.

We then play out a short red team exercise from the Eastern and Western perspectives. Watch this page for upcoming sessions, or contact us directly if you would like to schedule a session for your team or organization.


RT101 Webinars

If you’re new to red teaming, consider signing up for one of our Red Teaming 101 sessions hosted by RTJ founder Mark Mateski.

  • Tuesday, 28 November 28, 9:00 AM PST: Register
  • Tuesday, 19 December, 9:00 AM PST: Register
The Polymetis Group

The Polymetis Group is a channel for presentations and discussions that go beyond the introductory level of the Red Teaming 101 webinars. Sessions are held periodically with registration information sent directly to members.


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